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Empatheias - [Application]


Player: Sui
Contact: here and here
Age: 20
Current Characters: N/A.


Character: Takumi
Age: 18
Canon: Fire Emblem Fates
Canon Point: Endgame, following Revelation.

Background: Click here!

Personality: The second prince of Hoshido and the third of four in the Hoshidan royal family. He is the son of King Sumeragi and Queen Ikona, the older brother of Sakura, and the younger brother of Ryoma and Hinoka. Also, he is the stepson of Queen Mikoto and the step sibling of Corrin/Kamui.

Despite his status and upbringing, Takumi is the most mentally immature out of the royal family. For one he believes he must be the best at whatever he sets out to do due to his severe inferiority complex. Deep down, Takumi feels unwanted in his family, believing the army sees him as a burden. For instance, when Queen Mikoto confronts Takumi, unintentionally heaping praise on Corrin's archery skills. Immediately, he feels resentful and throws his Divine Weapon, the Fujin Yumi, at her feet, claiming he is "not a replacement" before storming out.

Growing up in Ryoma's shadow gave him an insatiable thirst to become stronger, anything to be noticed. This connects back to the inferiority complex (or low self-esteem). As a result, he is rather susceptible to jealousy. As mentioned, in the scene where he feels "replaced" by Corrin, he ultimately feels left out. But without a doubt, he was also jealous of Corrin because of their talent and how easily (it seemed) they picked up the bow, a skill he had been practicing for years. In fact, archery was taken up by Takumi as a result of being beaten by Ryoma in wielding the katana, as he couldn't stand being "second" to his older brother. To support this, Takumi begrudgingly admits in their supports that Corrin is talented.

On the surface, Takumi can come off as moody and cold, firmly believing people need to earn his trust before he considers them an ally, or even a friend. This is especially present in his interactions with Corrin, who was kidnapped at a young age and raised in the enemy kingdom of Nohr. Out of all his siblings, Takumi is the last to accept Corrin as family, assuming they could be a spy and therefore should not be welcomed with open arms into Hoshido. This bitterness is not just limited to Corrin, however. In his supports with Camilla, the elder sister of the Nohrian royal family, Takumi claims his standoff-ish behavior isn't out of spite; he simply doesn't trust those he first meets. 

While Takumi can be rude on a first meeting, he loves his family and friends above all else, and can come off as protective. For instance, in the Conquest route, he becomes enraged when he learns his little sister, Sakura, has been taken prisoner by the Nohrian army. He refuses to accept forgiveness from Corrin if they choose to side with Nohr over Hoshido. Inside, Takumi feels conflicted as to why Corrin chose their adopted family over their birth family, and he demands to know why, saying they "could have been a family" (Conquest route only). Going off of this, Takumi is extremely stubborn, which leads to his downfall in the Conquest route. Since Takumi refused to listen to Corrin, too hung up on the betrayal and pain, he was easily possessed by Anankos and his body became an empty shell of hate and rage. In Corrin's consciousness, Takumi says he wanted to look up to them as an older brother/sister, but he was "too stubborn".

Takumi's hesitance to trust and bullheadedness isn't limited to negativity, but he does have his share of violent outbursts as a result having trust broken. For example, his initial hunch about Zola being a traitor turned out to be correct (Birthright route). When the other Hoshido siblings are more welcoming, Takumi can always be there to keep an eye on the newcomer in case something goes wrong. The part of the story with Zola solidifies Takumi's emphasis on trust: Zola knew he would not be considered an "ally" unless he won Takumi's trust, and it isn't until after Zola "saves" him does Takumi let his guard down. So when Zola stabs them in the back, Takumi grows furious and swears he will "kill [Zola] myself!". On a side note, this is also mirrored in his interaction with Iago, another antagonist who temporarily mind controls Takumi by using his inferiority complex and negative emotions as fuel; he says he will use Iago for target-practice.

However, the main aspect of Takumi's personality is trust. As stated, he will not accept anyone as a friend or ally unless they prove to him that they can be trusted. Betraying his trust can not only hurt him but bring out a violent side as well (refer to Zola and Iago). It can be difficult to win him over, it is definitely worth it as Takumi is a valuable and powerful ally. When someone manages to form a strong companionship with Takumi, he will stick with them to the end (implied in his support with Leo; shown in-game with Corrin during the Birthright and Revelation paths). Though his relationships may have ups-and-downs, he proves himself to be a loyal and caring friend to those he shares mutual trust.

Abilities: Takumi is extremely skilled with the bow and fares well in martial arts. He is said to be skilled with the katana, but unable to meet his brother's proficiency. Being of royal blood, Takumi can also tap into Dragon Veins, which allows him to change the course of the battle. Dragon Veins can dry up rivers, collapse bridges, and more, but they can only be used in certain spots.

Alignment: Piphron. Takumi places a large amount of stress on trust and distrust. While it may take a while to earn his trust, he's undoubtedly a reliable and caring ally to those who've proved themselves.

Other: N/A.


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